Buzz-in.net is a website that measures the public opinion on everyday issues and current events through polls and comment boards open to the public.

In order to provide the public with a space for discussion, each question contains an open comment board. Users are kindly asked to maintain decent and dignified discussions. Due to technical difficulties, the editorial board and site owners are not able to control all the comments and posts by users, and therefore do not take responsibility for their contents. Comments posted by users do not reflect the opinions and standings of the owners and editors of the website. The types of comments that are not acceptable on this website (further referred to as Code of conduct) are:
-    Offensive comments targeting readers race, nationality, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation,
     mental or physical disability.
-    Calls for violence and other criminal activities;
-    Treats or personal offence against other users or the website owners and/or editors;
-    Comments of explicit sexual nature, links to pornography or promotion of child pornography;
-    Comments or links that promote/advertise business or other web page.
-    Comments unrelated to the topic of discussion.
-    Abuse of the space for comment in a form of repeated posting of the same comment, writing in other
     language then one the question was posed in, writing in CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY etc.

Users who do not follow the Code of conduct will have their comments removed and in cases of repeated or severe abuse will be banned from using the site. We kindly ask the users to report any abuse of the Code by clicking the “Report” button next to the offensive comment.

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