Very affordable marketing space is available on our web-site for companies, organizations and individuals. Type of advertisement that is not allowed on our website includes:

      -    Advertisement offensive on a basis of race, nationality, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation,
           mental or physical disability etc.
      -    Advertisement promoting violence and other criminal activities;
      -    Advertisement containing pornographic, sexually explicit materials and/or materials related to child
      -    All advertisement related to tobacco products;
      -    Advertisements promoting religious groups are not acceptable, unless related to humanitarian
           activities or promotion of a particular event or holiday that doesn’t offend other religions;

The statistics for the number of visitors on our website can be found in this PDF file.
The prices for the advertisement space are given here.
Keep in mind that the prices are different for different country sub-domain.

The pictures bellow show the space reserved for advertisement on the main and other pages. The space marked as 0.0 is reserved for charity and the money paid for advertising will be donated in person or transferred to an account of a cause that will be shown next to the advertisement on the main page. Donors will be credited for the donation in a list that will be published on this site and the donated money will be made public. See here the list of donations made so far.

Main page advertisement space:

Other pages advertisement page:

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